Azerbaijan Visa for France Citizens

Azerbaijan Visa for France Citizens

French citizens can get easily Electronic Visa for Azerbaijan. Every French citizen can apply for a new electronic visa without leaving the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. For obtaining Azerbaijan Visa for France citizens have to apply at least 3 working days (for a standard e-visa) or at least 3 hours (for an urgent e-visa) before arrival to the Republic of Azerbaijan and e-Visa for Azerbaijan will be valid for 90 days and allows a maximum stay of 30 days.


Flytoazerbaijan's main preference is that you can get all the information about Azerbaijan with digital channels(WhatsApp, messenger, telegram, call) within 24/7 online. Our support team will inform you about country locations, fun and historical places, transportation system, mobile tariffs, shopping malls and other services and prices. The main mission is to keep your travel safe and unforgettable. If you would like to get Azerbaijan Electronic Visa and Digital Tourist Guide service, please complete the form below.


Start Date
90 days
validity period
30 days
period of stay
End Date


Please type in the date you plan to enter Azerbaijan and the purpose of your visit in the related fields. Please, note that you can apply on our website for a single entry e-visa with the validity period of 90 days. However, the period of stay cannot exceed 30 days. If you have chosen exact arrival date on our website, it does not mean that you have to enter Azerbaijan on that date. You can enter Azerbaijan any date during the validity period (90 days) of your e-visa Urgent e-visa is valid from the date of issue. If you are planning to stay in the Republic of Azerbaijan longer than 30 days, please contact us. Foreigners and stateless persons can apply for a new electronic visa only after leaving the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Flytoazerbaijan is not government authority. Owned and managed by "Azerbaijan Destination" LLC